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  • Author: Elin Pelin
  • Director: Todor Valov
  • Scenography: Emeliana Toteva
  • Music: Plamen Mirchev - Mirona
  • Duration: 50min

Yan Bibiyan!

A wicked kid! A hooligan! A bully! A scoundrel! A wanderer!

A boy who has got into bad ways and will come to a bad end!

He constantly runs away from home wandering the streets all day and is always getting into mischief and fights.

He makes fun of everybody and everything.

But somebody has to teach him a good lesson!

Somebody has to teach him how to know good from evil!

And then…

Perhaps he will mend his ways!

He may realize what pain he gives to the others because there inside him the good hasn’t faded away yet!

Look at him, the way he is watching the Moon! What is he dreaming of?

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