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  • Author: Camille Bednarzh
  • Director: Hristina Arsenova
  • Scenography: Emeliana Toteva
  • Music: Neli Lazarova

The Magic Flute is a fairy tale which tells us about the fight between the forces of Good and the forces of Evil to gain power over a young man.

His desire to get to know the world and his faith that there still exist things he has not discovered lead the young prince Tamino off to a remote and mysterious country.

Tamino has to go through a series of trials in order to become aware of the fact that if your heart is filled with love but not hatred  then you will be able to open the door of the Temple of Wisdom and make the magic flute play.

This is a story about the victory of Good over Evil.

It is about the victory of that Good inside us. This kind of victory depends on which force we will choose to conquer our heart and help us write the story of our life.

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