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  • Author: Peyo Panteleev
  • Director: Peyo Panteleev
  • Scenography: Emeliana Toteva
  • Music: Georgi Minkov

 Is it a bedtime story or a story someone has dreamt about?

Definitely it’s a story full of uncommon characters, outstanding personalities, mysterious events, twists and surprising impediments. Actors and puppets together in trouble and misery overcome differences, weaknesses, anxieties and fears.

Everybody else may feel dispirited, dejected, deprived of faith and abandoned anywhere else but not here in this story. Because in this story all in a moment unite in their efforts to make the fallen man stand up, to find the one who has got lost, to set free those who got caught and continue on their way. Sometimes they go on like a stork on a wing, sometimes they move at a snail’s pace, but they always stick together and make progress towards the only truly genuine and biggest treasure – their dreams!

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