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  • Author: H. Andersen
  • Director: Emiliya Malenova
  • Scenography: Silva Bachvarova
  • Music: Metodi Ivanov
  • Duration: 30min

Everybody in the Sea Kingdom loves the little mermaid because of her beauty, her wonderful voice, loving heart and romantic soul.

She enjoys coming to the surface and watching the big, white clouds floating in the sky.

Once, in a gale, she managed to rescue from a certain death a Prince of man's world, a world her grandmother often told her stories about.

The little mermaid falls in love with the handsome prince. She will go to great lengths to win his love. And she sacrifices everything – her home, her family and even her beautiful voice.

But in spite of her great sacrifice her love is unre-quited.

This performance lets us feel the beauty and strength of the only feeling  which could make us revive and it is love!

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