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  • Author: Langeskold Hoffman
  • Director: Slavi Malenov
  • Scenography: Silva Bachvarova
  • Music: Petar Tzankov
  • Duration: 45min

As she was playing on a clearing in the forest, the little girl called Maya met a strange creature there – one small elf. The elf revealed the miraculous world of the elves to Maya – a world unfamiliar to people and forbidden for them.

Just upon her getting into the underworld kingdom Maya is imprisoned in a dungeon. The little elf helps Maya to escape the rage of the Queen of elves and they both take refuge in Maya's home. The little elf and Maya become good friends but they do not feel happy for long.

The elves kidnap the little elf and imprison her in the dungeon.

Maya will go to all lengths to save her friend and she promises the Queen that she will forget about the world of the elves. In the end the two friends are separated but they still meet in their dreams.

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