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  • Author: Slavcho Malenov
  • Director: Emiliya Malenova
  • Scenography: Silva Bachvarova
  • Music: Petar Tsankov
  • Duration: 45min

Once upon a time there was a little Yagha Witch. She offended the elderly witches by going secretly to dance at Walpurgis night – the biggest witches’ celebration. But they caught her and told her she would be allowed to dance only if she became a good witch.

The little Yagha Witch took word for word what they had said and began to do good deeds. However the witches had something different on their minds. Being a good witch meant doing only evil.

A year later the witches put the little Yagha Witch to the test. Realising that she had done only acts of kindness they got angry and punished her to fan the sorcerer’s fire all night while they were having fun.

But the little Yagha Witch had already known by heart everything written in the witches’ book. So with the help of this knowledge she managed to burn up the witches’ brooms and books of black magic. Deprived of their tools the witches turned into ordinary old women plodding meekly among people.

Thus the little Yagha Witch was the only witch left in the world and she was a really good-hearted witch.

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