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  • Author: Iroslav Petkov
  • Director: Iroslav Petkov
  • Scenography: Emeliana Toteva
  • Music: Iroslav Petkov

We are in the palace of King Time. There are few minutes left till the New Year comes in but this New Year refuses to do its duty – it definitely refuses to come in. All the world faces a great danger. Time will stop and then… Children won’t grow up. Trees won’t  come into leaf in spring. Summer will never come. Dreams won’t come true again. The people who have fallen out won’t be able to make it up. And those who long for the chance to meet won’t have it. People who are apart from each other will never get together. And there is a little child among them waiting for the father to come back home just five minutes after midnight. So will the child and the father meet again?

Taking part in various games the children in the audience are going to help the naughty New Year to change its mind.

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