Autor: Maria Banova
Director: Maria Banova
Scenography: Maria Banova
Music: Dimo Stoyanov -P.I.F.
Release Date: 2019-07-24
Duration: 40
Age: 0-7
Actors: Alexandra Grancharova // Nedelina Roselinova

Playing is the main development method for babies and their physical, emotional and verbal abilities through repetition, imitation, slow pace, image and action.

The picture book of domestic animals on the farm is the parents’ first assistant in developing the babies’ sound imitation ability. A consecutive demonstration of image-sound-action is the core stimulus of babbling for babies. The next development stage is to form bubbling syllables with repetitive sounds and the next step is the logical link between words and actions. With the help of an image babies memorize them easily. Next comes pronunciation of simple words learning the vocal sounds, followed by understanding of word and action, word and image, a combination of two or more words and their meaning in a simple sentence.

The theatre for babies uses simple scenes and simple actions supported by a minimalistic and colourful vision /challenging the eyesight/, harmonious music /challenging the hearing/, slow action pace /challenging attention/ and actors with a positive attitude /challenging emotion/.

The choice of domestic animals is based on research showing that one of the first picture books parents use for their babies features them as a textbook about the link between image and sound.

Welcome to a performance that provides at the same time learning and fun through a theatre play.

Entertaining, colourful and good fun!

The performance is suitable for babies and children of 0 to 4 years.