Autor: The Grimm Brothers
Director: Veselin Bojdev
Scenography: Kristiyan Bozhkov
Music: Zlatina Gicheva
Release Date: 2006-01-20
Duration: 40
Actors: Georgi Minkov // Greta Krysteva // Rumyana Kraleva

The princess had her favourite ball. One day as she was playing with her ball, it rolled down to the near swamp and sank.

When the princess was crying disconsolately a big frog jumped out of the swamp. He promised to give the ball back to her but he wished to have her friendship in return for that.

Not thinking seriously about it the princess promised to make friends with him but  already on the following day she was sorry about that.

And do you know way? Because the frog arrived at the palace. And you simply cannot imagine what happened after that. What damage he did and what funny situations the princess got into. But just for the sake of the promised friendship she had stand all his whims.

If you like amusing stories then you will like this tale.

And as it happens in every true fairy tale the evil is defeated at the end. The friendship between the princess and the frog will destroy the magic cast by the swamp witch and turn the ugly frog into a handsome prince.

This is a true story about friendship!


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