Autor: Boris Aprilov
Director: Maria Banova
Scenography: Maria Banova
Music: DimoStoyanov - PIF
Release Date: 2005-01-01
Duration: 35
Actors: Alexandra Grancharova // Diyan Rusev // Greta Krysteva // Nedelina Roselinova

On a peaceful summer day in the farmyard Anastas the rooster is explaining to Ludmila his hen how much he loves her. In order to express her gratitude to him she lays three gorgeous white eggs. Both expectant mother and father are very happy and impatiently count the days and nights waiting for the chicks to hatch.

And it is quite a miracle – two chicks come out. They are small, lively and curious.

But there is one more egg left in the nest. The father’s attempts to break the shell of the egg end in bending his bill and getting angry with it he goes to find way of mending it.

The animals ( the donkey, the he-goat and the raven) called in by the hen do not manage to break the egg using force either.

However during the night Ludmila left all by herself hears the sound of life waking up in the tiny egg. Her heart turns into a beautiful butterfly and warmed by her love the third chick comes out of the egg.

On the other day Anastas the rooster comes back with his bill already mended. He wants to punish the third chick for the trouble it has done but all the chicks unite and do not betray the newly hatched chick.

The most important thing is that they are all together. That’s why they start singing the song of birth. And the whole farmyard breaks into song as well.