Autor: English folk tale
Director: Emiliya Malenova
Scenography: Silva Bachvarova
Music: Malen Malenov
Duration: 45
Age: 4+
Actors: Alexandra Grancharova // Diyan Rusev // Greta Krysteva // Ivaylo Enev // Nedelina Roselinova

The Good still reigns deep in the Forest but the evil forces, with the Prince of Darkness and his assistant Eftalinda at the head, insist on conquering it.

Fortunately, the Fairy Godmother has created the girl who cries with pearl tears. These pearl tears destroy the evil and make the evil-minded powerless.

And here are the Pearl girl and her father travelling through the forest.

The girl has been left alone and has to endure a trial – which way to start along – the road to the evil or the road to the good. Her only weapon is her pearl tears.

She will win the love of Dwarf-the magician and Greenbeard-the water spirit and they’ll help her not fall into the hands of the witch.

The girl will meet a true friend and love will be born between them.

And will the Prince of Darkness be successful in his evil intentions?

And will there be a triumph of the good in the forest again?

This is another beautiful story about the victory of the Good over the Evil.